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Florida Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Florida is a wonderful place to live and enjoy the open road for most motorcycle owners. Whether you enjoy cruising along the coastline or are just enjoying the sunshine, taking your bike out for a spin is definitely an enjoyable experience. However, having proper insurance coverage is a must if you want to avoid costs from the replacement of property or repair of vehicles should an accident or incident occur.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Though having a policy for your vehicle is legally required in Florida, having proper insurance coverage on your motorcycle is not. We do highly recommend it though. It is highly likely that you will need to carry bodily injury and property damage to prevent financial strains in the event of an accident. In addition, you have the choice to carry comprehensive and collision. Additional options most bike owners choose to include is first party medical and coverage for any accessories.

Each motorcycle owner will have a different set of needs based on his or her experience, bike, and usage. Thus, it is important to sit down with your insurance agent to determine the exact policy that meets your unique situation.

What Affects Motorcycle Insurance Rates

The rating process for motorcycle insurance is nearly identical to car insurance. The area you live, your past driving record, and your age are all taken into account. In addition, the type of motorcycle you own and the engine CCs will also be considered. Discounts for having both your motorcycle and your automobile with the same insurer are sometimes available.

Why Use an Independent Agency?

Pro America Insurance is proud to be an independent insurance agent. Instead of being tied to a single company, we work with multiple carriers which allows us to find the right policy to meet each of our client's unique needs. This means that we can provide you with multiple options and work with you to build an insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

Find out more about motorcycle coverage. Contact our team at Pro America Insurance now for a policy review or a no obligation quote.


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