Make a Difference in Naples

Progressive Insurance Agency Inc asks residents of Naples, Florida to do their share and help out in their communities. There are many ways to give back and make a difference that don’t require you to donate to a charity that may not be using all the money toward the cause. You can do your part by giving your time.

1. Give Blood 

Donate blood. A lot is needed for accident victims and those with certain medical conditions. It’s always in need and oftentimes in limited supply. Become a regular donator. The American Red Cross states that you’re able to give blood every eight weeks or 56 days if you’re giving whole blood. Those who want to contribute double red blood cells may donate every 16 weeks or 112 days. You may donate platelet apheresis donors may give every seven days but may only donate 24 times per year.

2. Organizations for the Homeless

There are many organizations such as the National Coalition for the Homeless that help those who don’t have anywhere to go. Some of these organizations provide the homeless with meals and places to sleep temporarily. They even offer assistance with building homes and job training.

3. Animal Shelters 

Not all of the living creatures in need can tell you they’re hurting. Animals in shelters are living in a temporarily living facility and rely on volunteers and donations for them to survive. You may even want to foster a cat or adopt a pet, so there’s one less animal who doesn’t have a home and someone to love him or her.

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