Are You Adequately Insured for Water Damage and Mold?

People living in the ocean community of Naples, FL are all too familiar with rising tides and intense storms. The threat of flooding and water damage from severe weather poses an imminent threat to your property, particularly during hurricane season. But many homeowners lack the strong coverage necessary to protect their property after losses. That may be because policy types and coverage needs can be confusing. Our Pro America Insurance professionals are here to help people in the Naples community. We’re available to answer questions and will work with you to create or update a policy to reflect your unique coverage needs.

Flood Insurance

It may come as a surprise that flood insurance is generally not a standard aspect of a homeowners policy. Another surprising fact is people that suffer losses due a natural disaster will not receive aid from the federal government. You could qualify for a disaster loan. But you will need to pay that money back with interest. Given Naples is a seaside community, it may be wise to update your policy to include flood insurance.

Water Damage and Mold

Many standard homeowners policies do not cover sudden water damage problems. These can range from flooding to a hole in the roof to a sewer pipe backing up into your home. Once this moisture gets in, it could start dangerous mold growths. Mold requires warmth, moisture and a good source. Construction materials meet the bill. Because mold growths are a water-related issue, be sure that you have adequate coverage. Remediation can be tremendously expensive.

Pro America Insurance proudly serves the people of Naples, FL. Our insurance professionals are available to review and update your homeowners policy to ensure it provides you with secure coverage.