What auto insurance is required in Naples, FL?

Pro America Insurance knows that minimum auto insurance coverage is rarely enough.

Like most other states, Florida has specific auto insurance mandates for all drivers. However, the state’s minimum requirements are much lower than most. Settling for basic insurance could expose you to unnecessary risk on the roadways.

Fortunately, Pro America Insurance can help. Located in Naples, FL, their agents review some key elements that every policyholder should know.

Personal Injury Protection

Referred to as PIP, personal injury protection covers medical expenses, lost wages, or other costs incurred due to an accident. This kicks in to cover your expenses, regardless of who is at fault. Drivers must carry at least $10,000 in PIP.

Property damage liability

Liability is a crucial component of almost any insurance policy. Although Florida does not require bodily injury liability, all drivers do need property damage liability. This covers vehicular damage. But it also repays for damage or destruction to other structures as well. In Florida, all motorists must carry $10,000 per accident for property damage.

What is a no-fault state?

Florida is one of twelve states designated as a "no-fault" state. By law, each person pays for their expenses when an accident occurs, regardless of who is to blame. Yet this can be misleading. Although only PIP and property damage liability are necessary, you may be on the hook for additional expenses if you are found to be negligent. Pro America Insurance encourages everyone to go beyond these basic requirements.

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