What classes of motorhome or trailer require RV insurance?

In Naples, FL, you’ll need to insure your motorhome as you would an automobile. The state requires each driver to carry liability insurance to cover damage inflicted by accidents they cause. This consists of property damage and bodily injury liability. At Pro America Insurance, we want you to understand that not all motorhomes require RV insurance, but most do.

RVs come in classes. Classes A, B, and C all require at least state minimum insurance. Which are these RVs?

  • Class A: The largest of the RV classes, these motor homes resemble a bus but contain expansive living areas, including multiple sleeping berths and a bedroom. The house has at least one bathroom, and you drive the vehicle itself. You don’t need a separate vehicle to tow it. It may offer slide-outs to increase living space when parked. If you’ve watched “Meet the Fockers,” the RV driven by Robert DeNiro’s character qualifies as a Class A RV, as does the one driven by Robin Williams’s character in “RV.”
  • Class B: The smallest RV classes, these motor homes resemble a delivery van but contain a full kitchen, bathroom, and shower. These typically have one small sleeping area. Since they’re entirely self-contained, you don’t need a separate vehicle. These also get referred to as camper vans. If you’ve watched “The A-team,” the RV driven by the team (played by Mr. T, George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, and Dwight Schultz) qualifies as a Class B RV.
  • Class C: A Class C RV combines the look of a pickup truck in front with an RV in the back. It can look like two separate vehicles but typically consists of one fluid design. Most of these contain a queen-sized bedroom and a full bathroom. These include fifth-wheel trailers, so you need insurance. If you’ve watched “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” the RV driven by Randy Quaid’s character qualifies as a Class C RV.

All of these classes of RV require motorhome insurance. If you tow a small travel trailer, such as the type you can pop out or slide out sections parked but with no attached motor, it does not require separate insurance.

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