Questions to ask before buying boat insurance

A boat is a unique financial asset and as a result, requires a unique insurance solution. Before purchasing a boat insurance policy, it is critical to ask important questions to ensure you are buying the right policy for your situation. If you are a boat owner in the Naples, FL area, call an agent at  Pro America Insurance agency to answer all your questions.

What value of the boat is being covered by the insurance? 

There are two types of values when it comes to boat insurance: agreed value and actual value. Agreed value means you will decide on the value with the insurance carrier before purchasing the policy. Actual value means it will take into consideration the depreciation of the boat resulting in a lower payout value. Because boats depreciate quickly, you should consider a policy with an agreed value payout. 

Does the policy include coverage for emergencies? 

Most policies do not automatically include coverage for assistance if there is an emergency and you need to be towed back to shore. If you would like emergency coverage, you will need to ask your agent to add it to your policy. 

Is my personal property on the boat covered?

Yes, the policy will provide some coverage for your personal property on the boat. However, if you have special equipment such as scuba or snorkeling gear, you will want to make sure you have enough limits, so you are adequately protected. 

What is my coastline coverage limit? 

Often an insurer will limit your insurance to be a certain distance from the US and Canadian coastline. It is imperative to check with your carrier about what your limit is and then be sure to stay within that boundary to ensure you have coverage. 

At Pro America Insurance, we make sure all boaters in the Naples, FL area have superior boating insurance in place. 

The Importance of Life Insurance for Two-Income Families

Two-income families often think that their need for life insurance is mitigated by the fact that both parents are working. This, unfortunately, is not always the case, and it is important for all families to take a close and objective look at their life insurance needs. The team at Pro America Insurance is here to help the families in the greater Naples, FL area find the right policy to meet their unique needs.

Why Life Insurance is Important, Even for Two-Income Families

In the unfortunate event that a parent passes away, the family income can be cut in half or even more. This reduction in income can have an immediate and negative effect on the family if the death benefit is insufficient. The surviving parent will need to continue working even as their children may require more time and attention. It may also become necessary to sell the family home or move the children out of a private school. These realities can be avoided with a life insurance policy that is at the appropriate level to allow the family to continue as before. Financial security is difficult to come by, even when both parents work, and in the event that one parent dies unexpectedly, the financial position of the family can become more precarious. A death benefit that helps to replace the lost income can make the difference between a lot of upheaval in the family’s life and a way to maintain their current standard of living.

Interested in learning more about the importance of an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage? Contact the team at Pro America Insurance today to schedule a consultation. We are proud to serve the greater Naples, FL community and would welcome the chance to work with you too!

Does my Naples, FL business need commercial insurance

When you own a business in Naples, FL you are not mandated to have commercial insurance by state law. You may, however, be required by a bank or lending establishment if you have a business loan or mortgage. Just because commercial insurance isn’t mandatory doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea to have some coverages. Each business has unique liabilities and to protect you and your business, why not let the experienced agents at Pro America Insurance help you to decide what your commercial insurance should consist of. 

Building insurance

In the same way that you protect your home with home insurance, if you own your building, you need to have building insurance. It offers the same types of coverage as home insurance against things like fire, theft, vandalism and weather events. 

Commercial auto insurance

If you are using vehicles as part of your business, they should be covered under a commercial insurance policy. Keeping your business vehicles off of your personal auto insurance is a good financial and business strategy. 

Workmen’s Compensation

Workmen’s compensation insurance is required in Florida if your business meets certain criteria. As a business owner, you need to know if you meet the requirements to have this coverage.  

Liability coverage

Lots of things can happen to your business. A visitor or customer can be injured while visiting your premises or injured by a product you produce. This can result in legal action against you. Having liability coverage will protect you if you are sued. 

Business interruption coverage

If something happens to the business that results in your not being able to do business for a period of time, this insurance makes sure that you can still pay bills and meet your obligations until your business is back up and running. 

As a business owner in Naples, FL you can feel confident about the stability of your business if you have the correct commercial insurance. Stop by or give Pro America Insurance a call. 

What are the Benefits of Getting Home Insurance

Real estate is one of the biggest investments that most people will ever make. When you do own property, it is important that you make sure that your investment is properly covered. One of the best ways that you can do this today is by getting a home insurance policy. A quality home insurance policy will provide you with financial and personal protection a number of different ways. 

Covers Your Valuable Asset

The main benefit of getting home insurance on your Naples FL home is that it will cover your very valuable asset. When you buy a home you will be making a major purchase that could be a great long-term investment. However, if you do not have insurance, you are putting this entire investment at risk. When you get a home insurance policy, you will receive coverage for a variety of risks that could cause a loss. 

Liability Coverage

Another benefit of a home insurance policy is that it will give you some liability coverage. All homeowners today take on some risk for liability whenever they have any type of guest in their home. A Naples FL property owner will want to make sure that they are covered if someone happens to be hurt while on their property. The liability portion of their home insurance policy will do just that.

Getting home insurance on your property in Napes, FL is very important. When you are looking for your next home, or want to find a new policy for an existing property, you should call Pro America Insurance. The professionals at Pro America Insurance can help you find a policy that will ensure your home is properly covered and that you have liability protection to provide you with peace of mind. 

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance in Naples, FL

Car owners in the Naples, FL area will know very well that there are plenty of responsibilities that come with operating a vehicle. One important thing that all car owners will need to do is make sure that they have a quality auto insurance policy in place. There are several things that a car owner needs to know about auto insurance when they are looking for a new policy.

It is a Legal Requirement

The first thing that you need to know about auto insurance is that it is a requirement under the law. Similar to any other state, drivers in Florida need to carry liability insurance. If you do not have this in place, you will not have the coverage you need to comply with state laws. If you are caught driving without it, you could face severe penalties including loss of license and financial penalties.

Covers Your Asset

While you will only be required by law to have the minimum level of liability insurance, there are other benefits that come with auto insurance as well. One of the main benefits is that it can greatly protect your vehicle. When you have a full policy that includes collision and comprehensive insurance, you will have coverage for a wide variety of loss types including theft, vandalism, and damage during an accident. 

When you are ready to start looking for auto insurance in the Naples, FL area, you should reach out to the team at Pro America Insurance. The professionals at Pro America Insurance are very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that come with auto insurance. They can then help you get into a policy that provides you with the right level of coverage for your situation while also giving you peace of mind.  

Why do I need condo insurance in Naples, FL

Buying a condo in Naples, FL is a major investment. One of the main reasons that you may need to purchase condo insurance is that it is required by your lender. If however, you are a cash buyer, under the law of the state of Florida you are not required to have condo insurance, however, your condo association may require that you have coverage for your individual condo. Condo units are usually covered by two types of insurance policies, a master policy that is held by the condo association and a unit insurance policy that you as the owner of the home purchase. Confused? Why not talk to the insurance experts at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL and let them help answer your questions.

When you buy a condo, you are buying one piece of a larger unit. The exterior of the condo, the roof and the common areas such as walkways and a pool are covered under the master policy. This includes liability for those areas as well as physical damage.

Your personal condo policy covers the interior of the building. Things like damage to the furniture, your clothing, and personal effects are included. Coverage extends to damage from fire, theft, and vandalism as well as liability if someone is injured while visiting your home.

If your unit should become uninhabitable from a covered event, a condo policy will provide the money that you need to find another place to stay until your unit can be repaired. How much and for how long depends on your policy. 

Hurricane insurance is important in Florida and you should discuss this important coverage with one of the experienced agents at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL. Give them a call or stop by their office for a no-obligation quote and to discuss the perfect condo coverage for your needs.

Motor Home Insurance: Protecting Your Fun

Can Fun Be Insured?

The motor home made its debut in the early 1900s when builders began constructing camper accommodations atop bus or truck chassis. The fun hasn’t stopped since then with each new advancement making this mode of recreational travel more and more luxurious. The fun wasn’t insured though since car insurance didn’t become mandatory until 1927.

Pro America Insurance Is In The Protection Business

The agents at Pro America insurance can steer your fun into high gear by offering the right protection for your motor home. Motor home owners have to consider a lot of factors when they decide how they want to Insure their vehicle. Taking care of the business upfront will give you the opportunity to leisurely enjoy your motor home later without the worry of whether or not you are protected against a pending liability or loss. Speak with an agent today and listen to what they have to say about the best ways to protect your investment. 

The Last Thing You Want To Think About When You’re Having Fun 

We know and at Pro America insurance you won’t have to because we will think about it for you. Come in today to discuss how to protect your sense of fun and adventure we are located in Naples, FL. If you’d rather call please feel free to do so at 239-434-5500. Just to make sure you stay on track with your insurance needs we offer an annual policy review. This is a great opportunity for you to get together with one of our agents and discuss any changes or new ideas that may have occurred during the year. Just another way to ensure that you are well insured.

What Types of Homes Benefit From Flood Insurance?

Living in or near Naples, FL means you’re going to enjoy some of the most beautiful weather in the United States. Even better, the weather year tends to stay quite comfortable all year long. As with most parts of Florida, though, you are likely to endure heavy amounts of rain from time to time. In fact, hurricanes are quite common and can lead to a lot of damage. This is why having flood insurance is of the utmost importance as a homeowner in Naples. Here at Pro America Insurance, we strive to ensure our customers are protected all year long with the best insurance. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of flood insurance.

Homes That Need Protection

A single inch of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage to a home. What may come as a surprise is that many homes that are damaged by flood waters are actually outside of a flood zone. This means that regardless of your location in Florida, you are always at risk for flooding. If you think your homeowner’s policy covers flood damage, you may want to recheck your coverage. Many homeowners policies don’t provide flood damage protection. As a homeowner in or near Naples, it’s pertinent to protect your home with an actual flood insurance policy.

Improve Your Home’s Value

If you ever intend to sell your home, you are much more likely to get top dollar for it if you show interested buyers just how much you have taken care of your home. And there’s no better way to show them you have taken care of it than with proper insurance coverage.

To learn more about flood insurance, contact Pro America Insurance serving the Naples, FL area.

Sail Secure This Summer With Boat Insurance

For the state of Florida, owning a boat is essential to experiencing life on the water. With all of the fresh and salt water available, purchasing a boat is common. If you currently have a boat or are looking at making a purchase, protect your investment with boat insurance. Pro America Insurance offers a boat insurance policy for residents in or around the Naples, FL area that takes into account the investment of the boat. 

Full Coverage

When you purchase your boat, you have used hard earned money to invest in something that will bring you and your family a lot of memories and summer fun on the water. While boats are not expensive purchases, they are recreational investments that require maintenance and storage to maintain its usage and value. Carrying insurance on your boat is just as essential and provides a financial level of protection. In the event that your boat is damaged, stolen, or destroyed, a boat insurance policy will provide full coverage. 

Boating Accidents

With thousands of boats on the Florida waters, accidents are inevitable during boating season. Should your boat be involved in an accident, damages and potential medical expenses are involved depending on the level of bodily injury. With boating insurance, damages your boat suffers as well as any bodily injury can be covered. Not having boat insurance can cause you as the boat owner to be financially responsible for these expenses. 

Get Covered Today

If you are already a boat owner or purchasing one in the near future, contact an agent at Pro America Insurance today for a boat insurance policy. Our agents proudly serve the Naples, FL area and understand the importance of the boat community within the area. Let us get you covered today and boat insured this summer.

Is My Passenger Protected Under My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Owning a motorcycle carries a lot of responsibility. A passenger on a motorcycle has a lot of responsibility as well. Just as the passenger has to lean with the driver to negotiate turns on a motorcycle, the passenger has to consider the risk that they take along with the driver. 

As you are preparing your motorcycle insurance policy with your qualified motorcycle insurance agent consider the type of passenger you may have on your motorcycle. You may plan to ride your motorcycle as a soloist every time you ride. However, if you ever have a passenger on your bike, the amount of insurance you have to protect them is worth considering – taking into account the age of the rider as well as the health of the rider. We will help you make the best decisions to protect your valuable asset.

We understand that the monetary value of your bike must be protected. The viability of the driver, as well as the passenger, must be protected. Additionally, the liability that may be incurred in an accident where you are at fault must be a consideration in underwriting your policy as well. At Pro America insurance we will help you with all of these factors and draw a comprehensive unique policy to protect you and your individual needs.

Come into Pro America insurance in Naples, FL at your earliest convenience. You can ask questions about coverage levels for yourself and your passengers. Our address is in Naples, FL 34109. It is always better to know what your coverage is before you hit the open road.  Protecting yourself and any potential passenger is of the upmost concern for you and it is our job to alleviate your concern and convert it to enjoyment under the right protection.