How Age Impacts How Much You Pay for Auto Insurance

Does your age matter when it comes to auto insurance? Most people who are drivers will need an auto insurance policy that matches their risk level. But, how much risk are you? Many factors go into play to decide this and age is one of them. When you need auto insurance from Pro America Insurance, we’ll help you determine the right policy for your needs based on multiple factors.

How Age Matters

At a young age, teen drivers can expect to pay more for auto insurance. The reason for this is quite simply because these drivers are inexperienced. That inexperience means they are at a higher risk for being involved in an accident. As you get older, usually in your early 20’s, you may notice your auto insurance rates begin to fall. You’ll pay less, in some cases if you remain accident-free for some time throughout most of your life. In some situations, seniors can start to see rates increase as well. This may be due to the higher risks present when faculties begin to fail. However, most seniors qualify for more affordable plans due to limited driving needs.

What’s Right for You?

When it comes down to it, age is only one factor that plays a role in what you will pay for auto insurance. When you come in to see our experienced agents at Pro America Insurance, we’ll help you find a policy that meets your needs and properly addresses the risks you present to your insurer. We serve clients of all ages that live in the Naples, FL area. We can help you as well. Give our team a call today for a consultation and a quote on the auto insurance plan you need.


Why You Need Home Insurance

People in Naples, FL get home insurance from Pro America Insurance for the same reasons that they get car insurance.  If the home gets damaged or if someone gets injured on the property, the insurance will assist with the financial consequences.  Home insurance is typically two different kinds of protection – liability insurance and hazard insurance.


This type of insurance will cover any personal liability for accidents that occur on the property.  If your neighbor happens to trip on a water hose in your yard and breaks a hip, the liability insurance will pay for the medical expenses incurred, up to the limit of the policy.


Hazard insurance will protect you against unintentional destruction or damage to your home and its contents.  This can include damage from things like:

•             Fire

•             Theft

•             Storms

•             Vandalism

•             And more.

It can be used to cover the replacement value or the cash value.  The replacement value will pay enough to replace what has been lost while cash value will pay as much as the property is worth.  For example, the cash value for a $1,000 TV that is 5 years old will not be $1,000, because of the fact that things tend to depreciate with age, and this makes it worth less to the eyes of the insurer.


If you have taken out a mortgage on your home, you will need to have home insurance as a requirement for the mortgage.  This is because the house will be used as collateral.  Because of this, the lender will require you to purchase a minimum of hazard insurance, although you can buy more than that if you like.

If you are a home owner in the Naples, FL area and looking to either get home insurance or lower your rates, check out Pro America Insurance today.