Essential Motorcycle Coverage for New Riders

Your dream of owning a motorcycle has finally come to pass and you’re anxious to hit the road. Before taking that dream bike out for a spin, however, you’ll need insurance protection. Our agents at Pro America Insurance, Naples, FL, can help you obtain the essential coverage you need. As a new rider, you can benefit from all of the following options:

Liability Insurance

New, inexperienced motorcycle riders are at greater risk of causing accidents on the road. Liability insurance covers the cost of injuries and property damage to others in an accident you cause. If you hit a pedestrian or cause an accident that injures other drivers, liability coverage will help cover the cost of their medical expenses and vehicle repairs so you won’t be held responsible for these costs.

Collision & Comprehensive Insurance

To protect your own bike, consider collision and/or comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance pays for damages to your motorcycle if you collide with another vehicle, animal or object. Comprehensive protects your motorcycle against theft and damage caused by fire, vandalism or inclement weather. Although this coverage isn’t mandatory, it could come in handy to help you repair or replace your bike in the event of an accident.

Medical Payments Insurance

Medical payments insurance covers your medical expenses in an accident. Motorcycle riders run a great risk of getting injured in road accidents due to being exposed to outside elements. If you or a passenger on your bike are injured in a crash, this coverage can help pay for the medical treatment you need to recover.

At Pro America Insurance, we recognize the importance of adequate insurance protection for new motorcycle riders. Whether you’re riding around Naples, FL or taking a motorcycle tour of neighboring states, we can put together an insurance package that offers you the protection you need.