Four packing tips to make your move more manageable

Moving may be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. If you plan things out careful and put some effort into organizing and streamlining the moving process, your upcoming move should be a breeze.

The following are four helpful tips that you can take advantage of to make your move more manageable:

  1. Take inventory of what you have- The first step to an organized move is to take inventory. Remember that it’s much easier to go from item to item on paper than it is to move between the actual items. If you get everything on paper, you can easily create an outline for your move that allows you to find the best options for the order and manner in which you move things.
  2. Get together a packing kit- Getting together a packing kit that includes permanent markers of different colors, scissors, tape, notebook paper, and writing utensils will make organization tasks easier.
  3. Clean out expired items or items that are no longer wanted- A move can offer the side benefit of giving you the opportunity to throw away items that are just taking up space. Clean and pack at the same time.
  4. Do things yourself to maximize efficiency- Having help is great, but it might leave you clueless as to where everything is after the move. It also might make it so that you’re constantly having to field questions about where things should go.

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