The Effect of a Winter Lay-Up Clause on Your Boat Insurance

Opting for winter lay-up in Naples, FL can result in a temporary decrease in insurance costs since you promise to store your boat for the winter months and not use it at all. This provides a much better choice than canceling your insurance policy. Pro America Insurance wants you to understand the difference between the two and how winter lay-up still saves you money.

Some individuals think that they can save money by canceling their insurance for winter. This does eliminate their premiums for a few months while they store their boat, but it also leaves it in peril because of other issues such as theft or damage from a natural hazard or fire in the storage facility or while moored.

You could also purchase a boat insurance policy that includes a winter lay-up clause. That means you would agree to winterize your boat and store it in an interior storage facility – drydock. When you do this, the insurance company reduces your premium for the winter months when the boat remains unused. You still benefit from all of the coverage though.

If something happens to your boat while in drydock, it still receives protection from insurance. This choice provides a much better outcome since if a fire or other hazard occurs, your boat still has coverage.

When you cancel a policy, it also makes it tougher for you to get new insurance. You’ll increase your premiums if you can get back on insurance at all. The only way for you to get new coverage is to buy a new boat.

Contact Pro America Insurance serving Naples, FL, today for more information on winter lay-up and boat insurance. We can help you insure your boat or yacht in an affordable yet comprehensive manner.