Does Commercial Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Every business benefits from commercial insurance. When you have an insurance policy to protect your business, you may wonder if vandalism is covered by your policy. It’s normal to have a lot of questions about your policy and what may or may not be covered.

Pro America Insurance understands your questions about the vandalism of your Naples, FL business. Here’s what you need to know about vandalism and your commercial insurance policy.

Commercial Insurance Sometimes Covers Serious Damage

When your business is vandalized or becomes the subject of damage caused by civil disruption or rioting, your policy may kick in. Each policy is different, which is why it is so important to understand exactly what your plan covers and when you can expect insurance to kick in. Not all types of vandalism or theft may be covered.

Limits Apply

There are limits to your commercial insurance policy. For example, even if your policy covers malicious mischief and vandalism, it may not cover situations that occur after you have abandoned your building. The same applies if the damage was committed by a fellow property owner, for instance.

Check Out Different Insurance Policies

Commercial insurance policies come in many forms, and each one is different. There are many things that can happen in the aftermath of vandalism, including damage to your store’s inventory or damage to the building you rent or own. When you do not know what your policy covers, you could be caught off guard when something happens.

Do you still have questions about protecting your Naples, FL business from vandalism? Pro America Insurance can answer some of your questions about protecting your property and your inventory.