When Can You Purchase Commercial Insurance?

You purchase a commercial insurance policy when you are a business owner to protect you against losses arising from the damage to property, injury to employees or potential lawsuits. The well-being of your business is dependent on the type of commercial insurance plan you have. In case a loss happens, you have to ensure your business can recover fast, and reduce a loss of income that may bring financial ruin.

Insurance requirements in Florida

In the state of Florida, employers are not needed to buy coverage for all aspects of their business. However, specific kinds of insurance covers are state-mandated.

  • For instance, Florida companies with at least 4 employees are needed to have worker’s compensation coverage. In the case of a construction company, insurance is needed for even just one member of staff, including the owner of the business.
  • Given that your company operates vehicles for business purposes, commercial automobile insurance is mandatory.
  • Moreover, if your business profession is susceptible to lawsuits, it is wise to consider policies like general liability insurance as well as a professional liability insurance. General liability insurance is beneficial in the event that may be a delivery guy slides on some water on your business premises and breaks his wrist, a young model having a photo shoot at your studio suddenly falls due to some wires and twists her leg, or your marketing team designs a slogan that is seen as slander by others.
  • Commercial property insurance is needed to protect your company property from accidental damage and theft.

Pro America Insurance is licensed in Naples, FL, and are capable agents can assist you in identifying the best, cost-effective coverage for your business.

The type of industry you are operating in is significant in knowing possible insurance covers and limits. Whether you are a personal trainer, a dental hygienist, or an IT company, Pro America Insurance, Naples, FL can help you get a commercial insurance cover that suits your assets, risks, and needs efficiently.