Why do I need condo insurance in Naples, FL

Buying a condo in Naples, FL is a major investment. One of the main reasons that you may need to purchase condo insurance is that it is required by your lender. If however, you are a cash buyer, under the law of the state of Florida you are not required to have condo insurance, however, your condo association may require that you have coverage for your individual condo. Condo units are usually covered by two types of insurance policies, a master policy that is held by the condo association and a unit insurance policy that you as the owner of the home purchase. Confused? Why not talk to the insurance experts at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL and let them help answer your questions.

When you buy a condo, you are buying one piece of a larger unit. The exterior of the condo, the roof and the common areas such as walkways and a pool are covered under the master policy. This includes liability for those areas as well as physical damage.

Your personal condo policy covers the interior of the building. Things like damage to the furniture, your clothing, and personal effects are included. Coverage extends to damage from fire, theft, and vandalism as well as liability if someone is injured while visiting your home.

If your unit should become uninhabitable from a covered event, a condo policy will provide the money that you need to find another place to stay until your unit can be repaired. How much and for how long depends on your policy. 

Hurricane insurance is important in Florida and you should discuss this important coverage with one of the experienced agents at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL. Give them a call or stop by their office for a no-obligation quote and to discuss the perfect condo coverage for your needs.