Commercial Insurance: Who Provides Insurance For A Pizza Delivery Driver?

Here’s a question you might not have considered before: When you call up the local pizza parlor and order a large pepperoni for delivery, who’s picking up the insurance payments for the delivery? Does the restaurant cover it, or does the delivery driver provide his own insurance?

The short answer is: More often than not, the driver provides their own auto insurance, while their employers provide the commercial insurance that will cover the driver and the company if, for instance, somebody steals from the driver, if they’re injured on the job and need to collect workers compensation and so on. Most pizza places do not provide company cars, the driver typically provides their own vehicle, so they typically provide their own insurance.

That being said, there are some exceptions. Domino’s, for instance, recently debuted their converted Sparks cars, complete with warming ovens that can hold up to 80 pizzas at a time. These cars are, of course, covered under the corporation’s commercial policy.

Some insurance providers do not cover delivery drivers at all because of the extra mileage put on the car and the risks involved with the job. In some scenarios, the provider may offer delivery driver insurance, but may withhold the offer based on the driver’s record. 

The options that are available from a provider like, for instance, Progressive Insurance Agency Inc. will vary from driver to driver and from area to area. If you’re looking into becoming a delivery driver, you will want to talk to an agent about getting covered for delivery work and talk to your prospective employers about their own minimum insurance requirements for drivers.