Sail Secure This Summer With Boat Insurance

For the state of Florida, owning a boat is essential to experiencing life on the water. With all of the fresh and salt water available, purchasing a boat is common. If you currently have a boat or are looking at making a purchase, protect your investment with boat insurance. Pro America Insurance offers a boat insurance policy for residents in or around the Naples, FL area that takes into account the investment of the boat. 

Full Coverage

When you purchase your boat, you have used hard earned money to invest in something that will bring you and your family a lot of memories and summer fun on the water. While boats are not expensive purchases, they are recreational investments that require maintenance and storage to maintain its usage and value. Carrying insurance on your boat is just as essential and provides a financial level of protection. In the event that your boat is damaged, stolen, or destroyed, a boat insurance policy will provide full coverage. 

Boating Accidents

With thousands of boats on the Florida waters, accidents are inevitable during boating season. Should your boat be involved in an accident, damages and potential medical expenses are involved depending on the level of bodily injury. With boating insurance, damages your boat suffers as well as any bodily injury can be covered. Not having boat insurance can cause you as the boat owner to be financially responsible for these expenses. 

Get Covered Today

If you are already a boat owner or purchasing one in the near future, contact an agent at Pro America Insurance today for a boat insurance policy. Our agents proudly serve the Naples, FL area and understand the importance of the boat community within the area. Let us get you covered today and boat insured this summer.