Living in Naples: Tips for Steering Clear of Road Rage

Living in Naples undoubtedly means that you are taking advantage of the great lifestyle here. From excellent shopping venues to some of the best shopping districts, Naples is proud to be a town and community that people brag about. With so many people living and visiting this great city, you must be extra careful when traveling. This means you must do your best to avoid road rage, as well as know how to avoid accidents caused by other drivers who have road rage. 

Keep your distance

One of the easiest ways to tick off another driver is by tailing them too closely. Whether you’re meaning to follow close or not, there’s nothing more aggravating than looking in your rearview mirror and seeing someone right close to your bumper. With this in mind, you should always keep at least two car links between you and the vehicle in front of you. 

Know when to call in

If you ever drive down the road and find yourself in a situation that you aren’t comfortable with, this is a good sign that you should call your local law enforcement. These professionals can help diffuse the situation, ensuring you don’t get in any trouble or make a poor decision. 

Keep your hand off the horn

When you use the horn to pinpoint someone who is exhibiting road rage, this will only make the situation worse. Keep your hands free of the horn when road rage is taking over, and know that simply pulling over is the best remedy to this situation. 

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