The Curtains Came With The Home, Does My Condo Insurance Cover Them?

In Naples, FL what you’ll always hear about condo insurance is that, if it’s outside of the building, the condo association’s or management’s insurance will cover it. If it’s inside the building, that’s where your personal condo policy kicks in. But the line can be a bit blurry. If your home came pre-furnished, it might not always be clear what property is covered by which policy.

For example, we’ll take the curtains. Okay, chances are, you’re never going to file an insurance claim just for a set of curtains, but replacing them will be part of the deal if there’s a fire or something.

The question comes down to ownership. In an apartment, those curtains would certainly be covered by your landlord’s policy, not your rental policy. You’re not going to be modifying those curtains, you’re not going to take them with you when you move out, and it’s not going to be your insurer who has to replace them in a fire. They belong to the landlord. And that extends to any pre-furnishings in the apartment.

With a condo, it comes down to whether you’re a renter or a buyer. If you’re buying, then everything in your home is technically yours. The seller isn’t going to sell you a condo and then come back a year later to collect the curtains. Even if you’re still paying your mortgage off, that’s your property to protect and replace as you see fit. If you’re renting, then the scenario isn’t much different from an apartment, and curtains and other furnishings will be on your landlord’s insurer to cover.

So, to put it simply:

  • Renters: Those curtains are your landlord’s responsibility
  • Buyers: Those curtains are your responsibility

If you’re still shopping around for condominium insurance in Naples, FL, get in touch with Pro America Insurance. At Pro America Insurance we can help you to find a policy that fits your needs whether you’re renting or buying.