How Motorcycle Insurance Works

Riding a motorcycle is great, but it also comes with many risks. To help protect yourself against many of these risks, there is motorcycle insurance. If you have a motorcycle and no motorcycle policy on it, please call us at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL to find out more about it. 

Coverage for Liability

There are two types of liability coverage that every motorcycle policy needs to have. These are property damage and bodily injury liability. Neither of these types of coverage pays for your medical bills or for damage to your bike. Instead, they are focused on third parties that suffer damage from an accident that was caused by you. Property damage liability pays to repair other vehicles as well as other property that may be damaged, such as landscaping, that happens in an accident. Bodily injury liability pays for the medical bills of third parties who become injured in an accident. Both of these insurance types are highly important to have to save you from financial ruin if there is an accident. 

Additional Insurance Types

There are other forms of motorcycle insurance that can be helpful on a policy. These include comprehensive insurance, which covers your bike for incidents that happen when the motorcycle is not in use. There is also collision insurance coverage. This is for the damage that gets done to your bike in an accident. Both of these coverages are highly recommended to keep you and your finances safer after an accident or another incident occurs. Without these coverage types, you would have to repair or replace your bike on your own dime after something happens to your bike. 

Get Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure that your bike is always protected, even when it isn’t being ridden. Contact us at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL.