Why Your Naples, FL Transportation-related Business Needs Commercial Auto Insurance from Pro America Insurance

If you own a transportation-based business, such as trucking, delivery or any business requiring CDL operators, then you need specific coverage that neither you nor your employees can get as part of a regular auto insurance policy. Compared to personal vehicle insurance, you have better coverage with a commercial auto policy. Choose the policies that pertain to your business, and feel free to reach out to your Pro America Insurance agent with any questions you might have.

What Types Of Vehicles Require Commercial Insurance?

The type of coverage you need depends on what vehicles you need to ensure. Your commercial auto insurance policy should include truck and cargo insurance for the trucking industry, for example. If you are a contractor or own a contracting company, you need to include coverage for the pickups and vans in your service fleet. Builders should include their large equipment, such as dump trucks. Be sure to include liability insurance for any leased vehicles, although the company you are renting from probably requires that as a condition of the lease.

Whether you employ truck drivers, tow truck drivers, couriers or food delivery guys, you should consider getting commercial auto insurance to protect your business.

Types of Commercial Auto Coverage

The types of policies are similar to your personal auto insurance but typically have higher coverage limits.

Liability Coverage. This coverage pays for property damages and bodily injury due to the use of vehicles owned by the business.

Uninsured Motorists Coverage. This protects your business vehicles from damages caused by an uninsured motorist.

Underinsured Motorists Coverage. This protects your business vehicles from damages caused by a driver with insufficient liability insurance.

Physical Damage Coverage. Protects vehicles owned by the business against accidental damage or loss. This includes collision and comprehensive coverage, as well as specified causes of a loss defined in your policy. This may include theft, hail, flood, fire, vandalism, windstorm and other coverage related your industry.

Federal Requirements Impacting Your Commercial Auto Insurance

Federal law has specific commercial auto insurance requirements for transportation-related businesses. The coverage required varies depending on whether you transport people or good across the state line. It also depends on what you’re transporting. Ask your insurance agent about how the laws apply to your insurance requirements.

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