I’m Planning a Wedding In My Backyard: Is This A Good Time To Review My Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Are We Going With a Disc Jockey or Live Band?

Before you make your guest list give us a call.

You agreed, albeit reluctantly, to let your cherished niece have her wedding ceremony and reception in your extensive and meticulously groomed backyard. Should you give a call to your insurance agent at Progressive Insurance Agency Inc. a call? We are so glad you asked and the answer is a a resounding yes! Let’s face it we enjoy a good life of sun and fun in Naples, FL where almost anytime of the year is a great time to have an outdoor wedding. Before you send out the invitations, however, give us a call.

Many people are going with the option of having their wedding and other special occasion events right in their own backyard. For all of the pros of this decision: the biggest one is saving MONEY. You want to make sure that a little money saved on the outset is not a lot of money spent on the back end of this decision. There is a lot to think about. 

Consider What You Are Undertaking

Did you know that many wedding venues today ask the bride and groom or whoever is financing the wedding to take out a special arm of insurance for the event? This is an added protection for the venue owner in case one of your guests injure themselves at your event. In other words the financial backer of the wedding is then liable for any injury that may occur. 

We understand the liability involved in the joyous occasion at Progressive Insurance Agency Inc. in Naples, FL. Please contact us directly to discuss the details before the "I Do’s"