What is an Accident Insurance Policy?

This is an insurance cover where the policyholder is paid in case of an accident resulting in injury. The insured spends the benefits however they choose. Unlike disability insurance, you can claim benefits with this cover even when your injuries do not keep you out of work. The policy covers such injuries as fractures, burns dislocation among others.

What is covered by the Accident Insurance Cover?

The cover pays for your medical expenses, hospital stay, medical exams, and emergency treatment. In Naples FL, Pro America Insurance agents will offer you the best advice in choosing an affordable cover for yourself and with the best coverage. We analyze and evaluate multiple insurance carriers to offer the policy offering the best value for money. 

Naples, FL based Pro America Insurance agents are customer-centric ensuring you get the cover that you need. Your needs are matched only with highly rated insurance carriers.

What is an accidental injury?

Accidental injuries could result from violent external forces that was not anticipated. They are unintentional injuries resulting from a normal course of events. They include, falls, cuts, stings, road accidents or drowning.

Is an accident insurance worth it?

An accident insurance policy is relatively inexpensive but offers great benefits to its holders. You can benefit from this policy where your health cover has high deductibles, while accident cover will offer a one-time payout for your medical expenses.

An accident cover also offers an added layer of financial protection, in case of injuries, which assists pay for expenses that major medical insurance would otherwise not pay.

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