Questions to ask before buying boat insurance

A boat is a unique financial asset and as a result, requires a unique insurance solution. Before purchasing a boat insurance policy, it is critical to ask important questions to ensure you are buying the right policy for your situation. If you are a boat owner in the Naples, FL area, call an agent at  Pro America Insurance agency to answer all your questions.

What value of the boat is being covered by the insurance? 

There are two types of values when it comes to boat insurance: agreed value and actual value. Agreed value means you will decide on the value with the insurance carrier before purchasing the policy. Actual value means it will take into consideration the depreciation of the boat resulting in a lower payout value. Because boats depreciate quickly, you should consider a policy with an agreed value payout. 

Does the policy include coverage for emergencies? 

Most policies do not automatically include coverage for assistance if there is an emergency and you need to be towed back to shore. If you would like emergency coverage, you will need to ask your agent to add it to your policy. 

Is my personal property on the boat covered?

Yes, the policy will provide some coverage for your personal property on the boat. However, if you have special equipment such as scuba or snorkeling gear, you will want to make sure you have enough limits, so you are adequately protected. 

What is my coastline coverage limit? 

Often an insurer will limit your insurance to be a certain distance from the US and Canadian coastline. It is imperative to check with your carrier about what your limit is and then be sure to stay within that boundary to ensure you have coverage. 

At Pro America Insurance, we make sure all boaters in the Naples, FL area have superior boating insurance in place.