Can Insurance Protect Your Vehicle from Storm Damage?

The simple answer is that it depends on the type of policy that you have.  Whether you are considering changes to an existing policy or looking for new coverage, the knowledgeable team at Pro America Insurance works with individuals and businesses throughout the Naples, FL area to get the best coverage for their needs. 

Most vehicle owners have the required liability insurance as mandated by the State of Florida.  While this covers the auto repairs and medical expenses of the other party when you are in a wreck that you are found responsible for, they don’t cover your own expenses.  By adding collision and comprehensive auto policies, you are better protected should an accident or ‘act of God’ event occur.  It is these policies that will help you to recover quickly from a severe weather event.  The comprehensive insurance policy is designed to provide coverage in natural disasters.  It provides monies for repairs, for instance, when a tree limb falls on your vehicle.  It can go further when the damage results from hurricanes, tornadoes and hailstorms.  These policies are also created to protect from dangers such as fire, civil unrest, theft and damage from striking an animal. 

While comprehensive and collision auto insurance policies cover a broad range of events, it’s still important to talk with your agent at Pro America Insurance for the details about specific coverage.  They have lived and worked with individuals and businesses in the Naples, FL area so they understand the challenges that vehicle owners face every day.  They can help you find the adequate coverage you need at the price that suits your budget.  When you have questions about a current policy or available insurance options, give them a call then go visit their agents.