What does home insurance cover in the instance of a hurricane?

Hurricanes, no matter how large or small, bring devastation. You especially suffer the brunt of tragedy if you are one of the unfortunate souls who loses your home during the heavy gusts of wind coupled with intense rainfall. With so much heartbreak involved in the aftermath of a hurricane, you want to make sure that your insurance policy is all-inclusive of damages to your Naples, FL home. The staff at Pro America Insurance can help you ensure that your policy is one that pays for expenses related to repairing and rebuilding after the devastation of a hurricane.

Does a standard homeowners’ insurance plan cover hurricanes?

The average homeowners’ insurance plan in Naples, FL may not cover every aspect of a hurricane. Flooding is a major factor that most basic assurance policies do not cover. You may find yourself out of luck, then, if the majority of damage incurred by a hurricane is due to flooding. Some homeowners’ insurance plans leave out natural disasters altogether, which means that a provider will not pay for anything upon getting wind that your losses are due to a hurricane.

What can you do?

The best homeowners’ insurance policies cover everything from natural disasters to fires. You should search your policy to see if there is an additional allowance for natural disasters and flooding. If no such notation exists in your paperwork, then you should contact your insurance policy provider immediately to learn about options for those living in areas where hurricanes frequent.

The agents of Pro America Insurance are happy to answer all of your questions regarding flood as well as natural disaster assurance. Call them today to go over the details of your current homeowners’ indemnity policy and to find the plan best suited for your lifestyle.