Five Factors that impact life insurance

Pro America Insurance wants to pull back the curtain on life insurance premiums.

Located in Naples, FL, our agency knows how these costs are calculated but people assume it is often shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Fortunately, Pro America Insurance is ready to help.

Our experienced team breaks down five main demographic, health, and lifestyle indicators impacting life insurance premiums.

Policy type

Term limits and policy length greatly influence premiums. Because of guaranteed death benefits, permanent life insurance plans are more expensive when compared to term life insurance.


Age may be just a number. But a higher number results in higher premiums. This is based entirely on life expectancy. Older adults have less opportunity to pay into premiums. For this reason, it’s critical to lock in rates while you are young.


Life expectancies are different based on gender too. On average, U.S. women live five years longer when compared to men. Because of this, women usually experience lower insurance rates.

Medical History

Insurance underwriters will screen for any pre-existing conditions. But it’s not just your medical information they will examine. A pattern of chronic diseases in your family is a major red flag. Not only will these increase premiums, but severe issues may disqualify you from life insurance altogether.


This broader, more generic category tries to capture an overall view of how you live. This includes a look at how dangerous your job is. But insurers will also weigh items like high-risk hobbies, criminal records, or travel abroad.

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