Things to do when submitting a homeowners insurance claim

When damage happens, it is important to submit a homeowners insurance claim properly to get financial assistance as quickly as possible. If a claim is delayed or denied due to mistakes and errors, this can result in lost time and money while a claim is processed or even rejected entirely. It is helpful to have an overview of the process to successfully submit an insurance claim in the Naples, FL area. Homeowners can also get in touch with Pro America Insurance for other concerns. 

Notifying the insurance company

At first, the insurance provider should be notified after an accident or severe weather event that the damage has occurred. This will start the process to get the claim filed and processed. At this time, the homeowner should also make repairs or take emergency measures that are necessary to prevent any further damage and losses.

Documenting the damage thoroughly

The homeowner should be careful to show their insurance company any damage as completely as possible. This normally includes pictures of the damage, repair estimates from contractors, and lists of items along with their potential value. This step is crucial, as the insurance company will only use the value of the actual damage reported to process the claim. If the homeowner forgets to document something, they will not receive the associated repair or replacement costs.  

Accommodations for the adjuster

If the insurance company wants to send an adjuster to view and verify the damage, the homeowner should try to assist with this process. This can include allowing the adjuster to visit as soon as possible and providing anything else that they need. 

Additional help with homeowners insurance

Anyone who wants to set up a homeowners insurance policy or ask additional questions can contact the agents at Pro America Insurance. They can provide more specific information to customers in the Naples, FL area.