Tips to consider before buying boat insurance for first time boat buyers in Naples, FL

Florida boat owners are not demanded to procure licenses to operate their watercraft vessels. However, the law requires you to register and title your boat with the federal state of Florida. As a boat owner, especially the first-time buyers in Naples, FL it’s imperative to consider buying boat insurance that will safeguard you, your boat, and your passenger while on Florida waters. The price of boat insurance in Naples, FL depends on a variety of factors such as:

Your boat’s value.

  • Your boat storage and its maritime territory.
  • The size and type of your watercraft.
  • How often your boat is used and its use.

Acquiring an outstanding boat insurance policy is crucial because you are not worried about what might happen if a disaster strikes your boat. You are guaranteed protection when you are exploring Florida waters. This risk has necessitated most boat owners in Naples FL to turn to Pro America Insurance to provide them with complete insurance coverage for their precious investment. Visit us today, and we will instill peace of mind while you are enjoying your boating escapades.

Tips to consider before buying boat insurance for first-time buyers in Naples, FL.

  • Your Auto and Home insurance policies do not cover your boat insurance: An auto insurance policy does not protect your boat while it’s in the water, but only when traveling with it while attached to your vehicle on land. A homeowner’s policy will cover your boat while on your property, but when it’s in water can only cover a small boat or a boat with a small engine in certain waterways.
  • Choose the right agent: If you do not want to suffer a loss from a certain discrepancy in the boat insurance policy, it’s prudent to put the effort in locating the right agent for your boat needs who is well versed with boat insurance matters.
  • Establish the minimum requirements for boat insurance by your state: Though many states do not require boating insurance, legal requirements are not the only consideration. If you take a mortgage to procure your boat, the lender holding the loan will require boat insurance.
  • Know your insurer: As a new boat owner in Naples, FL, the best way to go is to procure your boat policy directly from a reputable insurance entity or a boat insurance specialist. You can also add your boat insurance to your homeowner’s policy that you procured from an independent insurer.
  • How do you want to use your boat: It’s paramount to know why you are buying your boat. Is it for recreational or business purposes? Ensure that you select a good policy that is in tandem with your boat needs.

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