Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance if I’m Traveling from Florida to Another State?

At Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL, we get how liberating and enjoyable it can be to take an inter-state trip on the open road on two wheels. Riding a motorcycle through multiple states, you experience a wide range of beautiful scenes and fresh views.

While every state is different, motorcycle insurance is still a good thing to have as a motorcycle owner or rider in Florida, especially on interstate rides.

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers your two-wheeled vehicle in cases of theft, damage, and liability. While some states do not legally require motorcycle insurance, it is vital to have it because it protects you against the unexpected.

Although you might never have to use it, it’s still helpful in case you get into an accident and either need to replace your motorcycle or cover the costs of the other party’s medical expenses if you are found at fault. As a motorcyclist, it can provide a sense of security.

Do I need motorcycle insurance if I travel from Florida to another state?

Whether riding your motorcycle across state lines or transporting it to your vacation destination, having motorcycle insurance can be especially important for longer distances. Even though Florida does not require motorcyclists to have insurance, the other states where you travel may require it. Also, if your motorcycle gets stolen or damaged during the trip, you will want that coverage for peace of mind.

Whether you are traveling far away or staying in the Naples, FL region, our team at Pro America Insurance is here to help, so give us a call today!