Ins and Outs of Home Insurance in Florida

Home insurance is an essential part of any personal portfolio. Home insurance is there to help you rebuild or repair your property, replace your possessions, and assist you if you are displaced. Florida residents need to be well insured against the possibility of perils affecting their property. Pro America Insurance serving the city of Naples, FL is here to help you.

What to Consider when Purchasing Home Insurance

Are you the owner, or are you leasing? If you rent your home from someone else, then there are special insurance types available for you. These are commonly referred to as renter’s insurance.


Establish the dwelling type. Do you live in a house or a condo, or somewhere in between? Are there additional structures on your property that need coverage? Have an accurate value of all the structures, and what it would cost to rebuild. Review this regularly. Do not rely on the purchase price of your home.


These are the possessions you have within your household, including fixtures, furniture, and fittings. These have value. Make sure the amount you specify reflects the replacement value of these items. Keep track of things like receipts of purchases or even photographs of your possessions and serial numbers.

Additional Living Expenses:

If you are displaced, however temporarily, do you have somewhere to live? This type of coverage usually includes storage for undamaged items, grocery expenses, alternative housing, and relocation. This may vary from policy to policy.


This section of homeowners’ insurance is for if someone should have a claim against you, for which you are legally liable.

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