4 Tips for Safety On Your First ATV Outing

If you know how to drive, then your first time on an ATV is nothing to be nervous about. Depending on the model you get, you may have a tough time shifting, steering or finding the right speed. However, all of these are easily worked out as you get some practice. Here are 4 additional tips for staying safe for your first ride. 

1.  The Right ATV

Ensure your ATV has simple controls. A good rule of thumb is to see how long it takes for someone to explain how something works. If you feel lost a quarter or halfway through what they’re saying, then you should consider picking an ATV with fewer features. 

2. Location, Location, Location

You need to find a location where you feel comfortable even if something goes wrong. Don’t practice on hard roads in case you fall and make sure the area is as open as possible. There are few ways to hurt yourself or your vehicle on a soft, even dirt trail just itching to be torn up by your wheels, so scout your locations for your first trip. 

3. That Outfit Brings Out Your Eyes 

Buy a jacket, and throw in shoulder and knee-padded clothing while you’re at it. Oh, and a helmet and some goggles. If you value your many body parts, then don’t leave them to chance in hopes that you’re an all-star rider from the second you get into the seat. 

4. Get Some Coverage 

Getting insurance from a provider like Progressive Insurance Agency Inc. means that you’ve got a fail-safe against theft and accidents. No one ever means for something to go wrong, but all too often we pay for common mistakes. Let someone else help you out when you get covered.