What is Accident Insurance?

If you have been shopping for health insurance, you may have come across accident insurance. You may be wondering about it, and whether you should consider getting it. 

So, what is accident insurance? 

Accident insurance is used to help pay for your medical bills, as well as any other bills that may occur after an accident. You may use this to pay for your hospital stay, medical bills, and even transportation costs. 

This insurance works like other insurance plans where you have to pay a monthly fee. You will have to pay your premium every month to continue to get the benefits that you want when you need them. 

However, it is considered supplemental insurance. It doesn’t take the place of having health insurance. Your health insurance will pay a percentage of your medical bills. You can then use your accident insurance to help cover the rest! 

You can also use this money to cover any of your other bills. If you are off work, you can use it for your mortgage, utilities, or even when you go to the grocery store.

Instead of paying your insurance company, you get the money directly, so that you can determine where you need it most. Unlike your health insurance money, you will actually get your accident insurance benefits so that you can choose where to spend it. You may use it to pay your co-pays and the percentage of the bill that your health insurance doesn’t pay. However, you can also use it to pay your bills, in case you have to miss some work.  

If you are considering accident insurance (or would just like more information), don’t hesitate to contact us today at Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL.