Is Flood Insurance Mandatory?

No home is safe from floods in America. Yes, your home may be located away from the water, but flash floods can strike if it rains or a massive storm strikes. Unfortunately, home insurance doesn’t cover floods, and that’s why you need flood insurance from Pro America Insurance. But is home insurance mandatory in Florida? Let’s find out.

Is flood insurance mandatory in Florida?

Homeowners aren’t required to have flood insurance. However, if your dwelling is located in areas connotated as flood-prone regions, you may be required to purchase flood insurance from your mortgage lender. And even if your home isn’t located in a high-risk flood area, your lender may still want you to purchase flood insurance. However, whether home insurance is required or not, it’s a must-have investment since it covers:

Building property coverage

Flood insurance shields the physical building itself from flood damage. It safeguards the physical dwelling and its:

  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Installed window blinds
  • Available permanent installations of paneling, cabinets, and bookcases
  • Permanent fitting of carpets
  • Detached garages and sheds from your dwelling
  • Fitted furnace and water heater
  • Available refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Solar energy equipment and fuel tank systems

Personal property coverage

It protects your personal property (contents) stored in your building, including:

  • Existing freezers and the contents inside
  • Available portable appliances.
  • Electrical gadgets
  • The furniture you own.
  • Curtains

Given that flood insurance is a lifesaver, every homeowner should consider this investment. Yes, it’s not mandatory, but you will thank goodness when floods damage your home.

Flood insurance in Naples, FL

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