Is It Time to Update Your Auto Insurance?

The State Florida requires that everyone who operates a vehicle with four or more wheels carries an auto insurance policy. These regulations are in place to help people who suffer a loss due to an accident. Unfortunately, many people look at auto insurance as a hurdle to drive and take out minimum policies. These, and even mid-level coverage can be inadequate and it may be time to update your policy. The insurance professionals at Pro America Insurance are committed working with people in the Naples, FL community to create and update policies to provide secure coverage.

Minimum Auto Insurance Policies May Fall Short

Florida has low minimum coverage requirements compared to many other states. Drivers need only carry modest personal injury protection and property damage liability. And because Florida is a no-fault insurance state, you are basically on your own in terms of protection.

It’s easy to see how these coverage limits can easily fall short in the event of an accident. When considering the rising cost of health care, even a minor surgery or short stay in the hospital could quickly exceed minimum coverage requirements. These won’t even begin to help with rehabilitation costs from injuries or the loss of wages. In terms of property damage, replacing a new vehicle can be expensive. In order to be securely insured, motorists should consider the real-life costs of being injured, replacing property and the long-term effect that being out of work could have on your life.

The professionals at Pro America Insurance are here to work with people in the Naples, FL community to create and revise auto insurance policies that fit your needs.