Essential Motorcycle Coverage for New Riders

Your dream of owning a motorcycle has finally come to pass and you’re anxious to hit the road. Before taking that dream bike out for a spin, however, you’ll need insurance protection. Our agents at Pro America Insurance, Naples, FL, can help you obtain the essential coverage you need. As a new rider, you can benefit from all of the following options:

Liability Insurance

New, inexperienced motorcycle riders are at greater risk of causing accidents on the road. Liability insurance covers the cost of injuries and property damage to others in an accident you cause. If you hit a pedestrian or cause an accident that injures other drivers, liability coverage will help cover the cost of their medical expenses and vehicle repairs so you won’t be held responsible for these costs.

Collision & Comprehensive Insurance

To protect your own bike, consider collision and/or comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance pays for damages to your motorcycle if you collide with another vehicle, animal or object. Comprehensive protects your motorcycle against theft and damage caused by fire, vandalism or inclement weather. Although this coverage isn’t mandatory, it could come in handy to help you repair or replace your bike in the event of an accident.

Medical Payments Insurance

Medical payments insurance covers your medical expenses in an accident. Motorcycle riders run a great risk of getting injured in road accidents due to being exposed to outside elements. If you or a passenger on your bike are injured in a crash, this coverage can help pay for the medical treatment you need to recover.

At Pro America Insurance, we recognize the importance of adequate insurance protection for new motorcycle riders. Whether you’re riding around Naples, FL or taking a motorcycle tour of neighboring states, we can put together an insurance package that offers you the protection you need.

Float With Greater Peace of Mind with Boat Insurance

A lot of people who invest money into boat overlook the importance of having boat insurance. Depending on where you live, though, as well as the means through which you financed your boat, you may be required by law to have insurance on your boat. For now, let’s take a quick look at the top three reasons you can float with greater peace of mind when you invest in boat insurance. 

The Water can Get Rough

You never know when a boating accident might take place. You’re floating down the river and out of nowhere another boat bumps into you. It happens all the time. And if the other guy doesn’t have insurance on his boat, you will be left with covering the cost of damage to your boat. 

Your Boat Might Sink

Have you ever wondered what happens to boats that sink to the bottom of the lake? Most times, these boats have to be recovered, and it falls on the shoulders of their owners to cover the cost of having the boats pulled out of the water; this can cost several thousand dollars. With proper boat insurance, though, you won’t have to worry about dipping into your own pockets to pay for the recovering of your boat. 

The Wind can Cause Damage

If you keep your boat tied off at a marina or dock, there is good chance that the wind might get rough and cause damage to your boat or to the dock. Many marinas will require that you have insurance to help cover the cost of any damage that takes place. 

If you would like to learn more about boat insurance in Naples, FL, please contact Pro America Insurance today. 

4 Things You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

Are you under the impression that your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for flood damage? If so, you should probably think again. Generally, homeowner’s insurance does not provide flood insurance coverage. In fact, you will likely have to purchase a completely separate policy to obtain this type of protection. As for now, let’s take a quick look at four things you need to know about flood insurance. 

Who needs flood insurance?

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, then the mortgage holder to your home may mandate that you obtain flood insurance. The best way, of course, to determine whether or not you are required to purchase this type of coverage. 

Where to buy flood insurance?

Did you know there are more than 80 companies that sell various types of flood insurance policies? That’s right, and you can also buy this type of insurance through property insurance agents. To learn more about taking advantage of a flood insurance policy, speak with a qualified agent today. 

How much does flood insurance cost?

The amount of money that you pay for flood insurance will depend on a variety of factors. For starters, the location and value of your home are the primary two factors that affect the rate of your flood insurance. The age and style of your home will also affect your insurance rate. Remember, flood insurance rates are set according to a national rate, so they don’t vary from one company to the next. Still yet, any discounts you qualify for may be able to save you money. 

Are there different types of flood insurance?

Flood insurance is flood insurance. All policies are the same in that they provide coverage for flooding, but the amount of coverage that they provide does vary depending on the policy you purchase. 

Contact Pro America Insurance  to learn more about buying flood insurance. 

Can Renters Purchase Flood Insurance?

If you are renting a home in an area that is subject to flooding, you may find yourself wondering if you can purchase flood insurance as a renter. This is a question that we get often at Pro America Insurance. Here are a couple of the questions you may have about this topic and the answers. 

Can Renters Purchase Flood Insurance? 

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that renters cannot purchase flood insurance. Renters do have the ability to purchase a flood insurance policy. This policy helps to cover the belongings that are contained inside of their rental home. These policies are often capped at a specific amount, but the limits are typically high enough to cover all of the valuables the average person stores in their home. 

Do You Have to Have Renter’s Insurance to Purchase Renter’s Flood Insurance? 

If you do not currently have renter’s insurance and have decided that you do not want to purchase that type of insurance, you may wonder if you are still eligible to buy flood insurance. Flood insurance is separate from a regular renter’s insurance policy. As such, you can obtain a flood insurance policy even if you do not have renter’s insurance. Additionally, the property owner’s insurance policies have no bearing on your right to purchase a policy. Whether or not the property owner carries flood insurance will not have a bearing on whether you can or cannot purchase a renter’s policy. 

If you are renting a condo, apartment, home or other dwelling and are looking to purchase flood insurance to protect your belongings, Pro America Insurance can help find the right policy for your needs. Call us now to schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our insurance agents and discuss your flood insurance needs. 

Do You Need Workers’ Comp Insurance In An Office Environment?

When you run a small business, it can be difficult to understand whether or not you need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ comp insurance sounds like something you would only need if you were running a construction business, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In Naples, FL, all businesses with four or more employees are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 

Your first question is likely about how much this insurance coverage is going to cost, and that answer depends on a few different factors, including the type of business you run, the payroll for your business, the insurance company with which you choose to work, and the previous insurance claims made by your business. There are also options in Florida to receive discounts on your workers’ comp insurance, including a 2% deduction for running a workplace safety program and a 5% deduction for running a drug free workplace program. The start up cost of these programs is usually well worth the insurance savings, but it’s important to know that you must renew these programs every year to continue receiving the discount. It’s a good idea to use these discounts- if one of your employees files a workers compensation claim and you are found responsible, you will likely need to pay 100% of the employee’s medical expenses. Your insurance agent can walk you through the step by step process of ensuring you get the largest discount available. 

Workers’ compensation insurance is absolutely necessary, and it’s important to work with an insurance agent whom you trust. Call Pro America Insurance serving Naples, FL today to get your workers’ compensation insurance quote.

4 Important Coverage Options Many People Miss When Purchasing Home Insurance

Purchasing insurance for your home is no piece of cake. For many of us, it’s the biggest asset we own, and we’d like to keep it that way. But in order to do this, you’ve got to be able to put your mind at ease by purchasing a solid home insurance plan.

As you make the rounds searching for a plan that works for you, make sure not to miss these commonly overlooked coverage options.

4 Overlooked Home Insurance Coverage Options

1. Personal Property Coverage

You might assume that your homeowners insurance simply covers all of your property, but this isn’t always true. You’ll want to get separate coverage for your most valuable items.

2. Property Damage Coverage for Natural Disasters

No one likes to think about it, but natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes do happen. To protect your home and your family, make sure you have coverage that covers these natural disasters.

3. Water Damage Coverage

Water damage is a leading cause of serious bills and financial loss. Don’t let your home go uncovered when it comes to water damage — especially if you’ve had trouble with plumbing or leaks in your foundation in the past.

4. Liability Coverage

Did you know that if someone was injured on your property, they may be able to sue you? It happens more often than you would think. Slips and falls on your sidewalk or accidents on your stairs can lead to serious injuries and cases against you. Having liability insurance with your home insurance will protect you from this.

Contact Pro America Insurance for Home Insurance

If you live in Naples, FL and are in the market for home insurance, let Pro America Insurance help you find a plan that works for you. We service the Naples, FL area and offer a wide range of coverage options. Give us a call today to learn more.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance is a rather broad term and it includes many different things. As such, if you own a business, you will want to talk to an insurance specialist to determine what your commercial insurance needs are and what should and should not be covered in your plan. However, here are a few of the things that are typically covered by commercial insurance.


Commercial business insurance protects your business against theft. If someone steals product from you, your insurance company will pay you the amount of money you are out, less any deductible you may have if your store or business is burglarized.

Loss of Employee

Another aspect that commercial insurance covers is the loss of an employee. This typically relates to higher ups in a business but can be modified to include anyone important in your operations. If an employee has an unexpected event that causes them to be unable to work, such as a sudden medical condition not related to work, your business can be negatively impacted. The insurance helps you to cover the cost of bringing in someone else to take this employee’s position until the employee is able to return to work or a new employee is trained and up to speed.

Forced Business Closures

The last thing that commercial insurance covers is forced business closures. If your business is forced to close due to building renovations, a fire or other unexpected events, you may lose out on the money. Commercial insurance covers those losses so your business is not impacted.

If you are looking to obtain a new commercial insurance plan, Pro America Insurance serving the greater Naples, FL area, would love to assist you. Contact us today to discuss what all a commercial insurance plan can cover and what coverage types you need. We can also provide you with a free price quote.

Is It Time to Update Your Auto Insurance?

The State Florida requires that everyone who operates a vehicle with four or more wheels carries an auto insurance policy. These regulations are in place to help people who suffer a loss due to an accident. Unfortunately, many people look at auto insurance as a hurdle to drive and take out minimum policies. These, and even mid-level coverage can be inadequate and it may be time to update your policy. The insurance professionals at Pro America Insurance are committed working with people in the Naples, FL community to create and update policies to provide secure coverage.

Minimum Auto Insurance Policies May Fall Short

Florida has low minimum coverage requirements compared to many other states. Drivers need only carry modest personal injury protection and property damage liability. And because Florida is a no-fault insurance state, you are basically on your own in terms of protection.

It’s easy to see how these coverage limits can easily fall short in the event of an accident. When considering the rising cost of health care, even a minor surgery or short stay in the hospital could quickly exceed minimum coverage requirements. These won’t even begin to help with rehabilitation costs from injuries or the loss of wages. In terms of property damage, replacing a new vehicle can be expensive. In order to be securely insured, motorists should consider the real-life costs of being injured, replacing property and the long-term effect that being out of work could have on your life.

The professionals at Pro America Insurance are here to work with people in the Naples, FL community to create and revise auto insurance policies that fit your needs.

Are You Adequately Insured for Water Damage and Mold?

People living in the ocean community of Naples, FL are all too familiar with rising tides and intense storms. The threat of flooding and water damage from severe weather poses an imminent threat to your property, particularly during hurricane season. But many homeowners lack the strong coverage necessary to protect their property after losses. That may be because policy types and coverage needs can be confusing. Our Pro America Insurance professionals are here to help people in the Naples community. We’re available to answer questions and will work with you to create or update a policy to reflect your unique coverage needs.

Flood Insurance

It may come as a surprise that flood insurance is generally not a standard aspect of a homeowners policy. Another surprising fact is people that suffer losses due a natural disaster will not receive aid from the federal government. You could qualify for a disaster loan. But you will need to pay that money back with interest. Given Naples is a seaside community, it may be wise to update your policy to include flood insurance.

Water Damage and Mold

Many standard homeowners policies do not cover sudden water damage problems. These can range from flooding to a hole in the roof to a sewer pipe backing up into your home. Once this moisture gets in, it could start dangerous mold growths. Mold requires warmth, moisture and a good source. Construction materials meet the bill. Because mold growths are a water-related issue, be sure that you have adequate coverage. Remediation can be tremendously expensive.

Pro America Insurance proudly serves the people of Naples, FL. Our insurance professionals are available to review and update your homeowners policy to ensure it provides you with secure coverage.

How Age Impacts How Much You Pay for Auto Insurance

Does your age matter when it comes to auto insurance? Most people who are drivers will need an auto insurance policy that matches their risk level. But, how much risk are you? Many factors go into play to decide this and age is one of them. When you need auto insurance from Pro America Insurance, we’ll help you determine the right policy for your needs based on multiple factors.

How Age Matters

At a young age, teen drivers can expect to pay more for auto insurance. The reason for this is quite simply because these drivers are inexperienced. That inexperience means they are at a higher risk for being involved in an accident. As you get older, usually in your early 20’s, you may notice your auto insurance rates begin to fall. You’ll pay less, in some cases if you remain accident-free for some time throughout most of your life. In some situations, seniors can start to see rates increase as well. This may be due to the higher risks present when faculties begin to fail. However, most seniors qualify for more affordable plans due to limited driving needs.

What’s Right for You?

When it comes down to it, age is only one factor that plays a role in what you will pay for auto insurance. When you come in to see our experienced agents at Pro America Insurance, we’ll help you find a policy that meets your needs and properly addresses the risks you present to your insurer. We serve clients of all ages that live in the Naples, FL area. We can help you as well. Give our team a call today for a consultation and a quote on the auto insurance plan you need.