Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Me If I Work from Home?

As we adjust to the so-called new normal, many Naples, FL residents are now working from home as telecommute employees. If you’re working for an employer from the comfort of your guest bedroom or dining room table, you might have questions about how your homeowner’s insurance coverage extends to your new situation. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Employer’s Coverage is Primary… Sometimes

In most cases, the insurance your employer has for the business is primary over your homeowner’s policy if you’re involved in an incident during work hours. However, there are limitations.

For example, if you’re injured while working as a remote employee inside your own home, your company’s worker’s compensation insurance may or may not cover your medical bills. If the computer you use for work is supplied by your employer, their policy might cover any accidental damage or theft. But if you use your own device for business, this would fall under your homeowner’s insurance.

But what if you’re self-employed? Does this matter? The answer, is yes. In this case, you would need separate business insurance as any work-related activities you do are typically not covered under your home policy. However, there are exceptions to this rule for gig workers.

Confused, yet? It can be a really muddled picture when you get down to it and almost everyone has a different set of circumstances that need to be evaluated. Thus, if you’re working from home, it’s important to talk directly to your homeowner’s insurance agent at Pro America Insurance about your current situation. From there, they can help you work out the best plan to suit your needs.

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Is having boat insurance in Naples always a necessity?

If you are in the Naples, FL area, it could be a very good idea to invest in a boat. When you have a boat here, you will be able to enjoy access to the ocean and other local waterways. Those that are in the market for a new boat should also consider their boat insurance needs. There are several reasons why getting a boat insurance policy could be a necessity for you.

Required by Local Marinas and Waterways

One of the reasons why getting a boat insurance policy could be a necessity for you is because it could be a requirement of local marinas and waterways. Whenever you operate a boat, there is a chance that you could cause an accident. Local marinas and waterways will want you to have insurance coverage to ensure you can pay for damages caused in an accident.

Required by Lenders

Another reason why you may need to have a boat insurance policy is that your lenders are requiring it. If you have decided to finance your boat with a loan, the lender will very likely have insurance requirements that you need to meet. This will include having a full insurance policy that will provide coverage for a variety of different situations that could result in a loss for you. 

As you are shopping for a boat insurance policy in the Naples, FL area, it is very important that you consider all of your insurance needs. The team at Pro America Insurance can help you to get into a policy that provides the right type and level of coverage. When you work with Pro America Insurance, they will be able to assess your individual situation and needs and then explain your options to ensure you get a policy that protects your boat and offers peace of mind. 

The Curtains Came With The Home, Does My Condo Insurance Cover Them?

In Naples, FL what you’ll always hear about condo insurance is that, if it’s outside of the building, the condo association’s or management’s insurance will cover it. If it’s inside the building, that’s where your personal condo policy kicks in. But the line can be a bit blurry. If your home came pre-furnished, it might not always be clear what property is covered by which policy.

For example, we’ll take the curtains. Okay, chances are, you’re never going to file an insurance claim just for a set of curtains, but replacing them will be part of the deal if there’s a fire or something.

The question comes down to ownership. In an apartment, those curtains would certainly be covered by your landlord’s policy, not your rental policy. You’re not going to be modifying those curtains, you’re not going to take them with you when you move out, and it’s not going to be your insurer who has to replace them in a fire. They belong to the landlord. And that extends to any pre-furnishings in the apartment.

With a condo, it comes down to whether you’re a renter or a buyer. If you’re buying, then everything in your home is technically yours. The seller isn’t going to sell you a condo and then come back a year later to collect the curtains. Even if you’re still paying your mortgage off, that’s your property to protect and replace as you see fit. If you’re renting, then the scenario isn’t much different from an apartment, and curtains and other furnishings will be on your landlord’s insurer to cover.

So, to put it simply:

  • Renters: Those curtains are your landlord’s responsibility
  • Buyers: Those curtains are your responsibility

If you’re still shopping around for condominium insurance in Naples, FL, get in touch with Pro America Insurance. At Pro America Insurance we can help you to find a policy that fits your needs whether you’re renting or buying.

How to properly insure a motor home

Congratulations on buying a classic motorhome. It is now time to tour the world and visit family & friends. However, Naples, FL roads can quickly become dangerous if you do not have insurance. At Pro America Insurance, we recommend buying a type of coverage known as Recreational Vehicle insurance coverage or RV insurance. So, how much insurance do you need to insure your motorhome adequately? Read on to find out.

How to insure your motorhome.

Keep in mind that your motorhome is your home away from home. That means that in case of an accident, loss, injury, or theft, you will want to make sure that you have enough coverage to restore your motorhome back on the road. As a first time RV owner, you need to know some of the most common RV accidents to help guide your coverage purchase. The following are some of the most common accidents in Naples, FL.

  • Poorly calculated turns

  • blind spots 

  • rollovers

  • overloading or poorly balanced loads

  • Runaway trailers 

  • poor estimations from inexperienced drivers

How much is the real cost?

A class A motorhome is the largest RV we have on the roads. That also makes them some of the most expensive vehicles to insure. However, there are a few factors that your insurance company will consider when calculating your premiums. Such factors include:

  • Your age and driving record

  • The value of your Rv

  • Whether you use your RV as a place of residence or for occasional vacationing

  • Where you live and the security level there

  • How much coverage you need for personal possessions

When comparing quotes, always make sure that you fully understand your policy. Don’t sign the policy if you are not sure about certain coverages. If you have never driven a motorhome before, it is also prudent that you consider more liability.

Let Pro America Insurance help you get the best out of your RV insurance. Contact us for more information, quotes, or questions.

Flood Insurance FAQs

At Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL, we know that flood insurance is an important part of protecting your investment in your home. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover floods, so a separate flood policy is needed.

Do I Really Need Flood Insurance? 

Many homeowners question if they really need flood insurance. Even if you don’t live near a body of water, you need flood insurance. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S. Your home is more likely to be damaged by a flood than by fire. 

Will Damages be Covered Through Federal Disaster Assistance?

If a federal disaster is declared, the government may pay for the damages to your home. However, only 10% of disasters are declared as federal natural disasters. Even if government assistance is provided, it is a loan that must be paid back. Flood insurance covers the damages regardless of a disaster being declared.

What if Other Areas Were Damaged?

If other areas of your home were damaged that weren’t directly due to the flood, you will need to file a separate claim on your homeowner’s insurance. For example, a strong storm causes your home to flood and damages your roof. You’ll need to file a flood claim and homeowner’s claim. 

What is Covered Under Food Insurance?

Most policies cover direct physical damages and flood-related damage due to erosion. The structure of your home and basement are covered. Essential equipment that is normally found in the basement is covered as well. However, personal belongings stored in the basement or lower level of your home are not normally covered. 

If you need flood insurance, contact Pro America Insurance in Naples, FL. We can answer any questions you have about flood insurance and help you choose the policy that best suits your needs. 

Boat Insurance Add Ons You Should Know About.

Boating is not at all like driving a car. This is why boat insurance is vastly different from automobile insurance as well. Boat insurance is not a legal requirement in the state of Florida, but most boaters know the value of keeping some coverage and add ons for their watercraft. At Pro America Insurance we want you to have exactly the coverage you need for peace of mind and safety out on those Florida waters all year round. We are happy to provide the people in and around Naples, FL with premium insurance services. 

Boat Insurance Add Ons

  • On Water Towing and Fuel Services — Do you have a contingency plan for breaking down or running out of gas? This add-on brings the most peace of mind. 
  • Wreckage Removal, Including Pollution Clean Up — This is an important one because you are legally required to remove your boat after a wreck and clean up any fuel spills. 
  • Water Sports Coverage — Water tubing and skiing leave many opportunities for personal injury. If you have a policy you may be protected if you are hurt on the water, and you will be further protected from litigation if a guest is injured, up to your policy limits. 
  • Fishing Equipment Protection — Your expensive fishing gear or other items you "carry on" the boat may be able to be insured under this add on. Be sure to make sure your coverage is for exactly the items you have purchased by keeping documentation and receipts with your insurance policy. 

Contact us a Pro America Insurance if you have any questions about boat insurance, boat insurance add ons, or insurance in general. We serve the community of Naples, FL with premium insurance services for their boat, vehicle, home, life, and more. Call today. 

Does someone in Florida need motorcycle insurance?

A great place that many people dream of moving to is Naples, FL. If you are in this area of Florida, you will want to make sure that you are able to enjoy the nice weather as much as possible. One great way to do this is by getting a motorcycle and using it as your primary mode of transportation. If you do get a motorcycle, you also need to get insurance. There are several reasons why someone needs to get motorcycle insurance. 

Provides Protection for Asset

One reason why someone in Naples will need to get motorcycle insurance is that it will provide protection for their valuable asset. If you go out and buy a motorcycle, you are going to be making a big purchase. If this asset is vandalized, stolen, or otherwise damaged, you will want to have coverage to repair or replace it. A full motorcycle insurance policy will give you coverage to do that.

State Requirements

Further, when you operate a motorcycle in Florida, you also are going to be required to carry motorcycle insurance. The state minimum requirements will require that you have at least a certain level of liability motorcycle insurance. This will ensure that you have coverage and can afford to pay restitution if you cause damage in an accident. 

Owning a motorcycle in the Naples, FL area can be a great experience. If you are looking for a motorcycle, you also need to get into a quality insurance policy. The team at Pro America Insurance is a great company to reach out to for your insurance needs. When you reach out to Pro America Insurance, you can be assured that you will have someone that can assess your situation and get you into a policy that properly covers your risks. 


What is an Accident Insurance Policy?

This is an insurance cover where the policyholder is paid in case of an accident resulting in injury. The insured spends the benefits however they choose. Unlike disability insurance, you can claim benefits with this cover even when your injuries do not keep you out of work. The policy covers such injuries as fractures, burns dislocation among others.

What is covered by the Accident Insurance Cover?

The cover pays for your medical expenses, hospital stay, medical exams, and emergency treatment. In Naples FL, Pro America Insurance agents will offer you the best advice in choosing an affordable cover for yourself and with the best coverage. We analyze and evaluate multiple insurance carriers to offer the policy offering the best value for money. 

Naples, FL based Pro America Insurance agents are customer-centric ensuring you get the cover that you need. Your needs are matched only with highly rated insurance carriers.

What is an accidental injury?

Accidental injuries could result from violent external forces that was not anticipated. They are unintentional injuries resulting from a normal course of events. They include, falls, cuts, stings, road accidents or drowning.

Is an accident insurance worth it?

An accident insurance policy is relatively inexpensive but offers great benefits to its holders. You can benefit from this policy where your health cover has high deductibles, while accident cover will offer a one-time payout for your medical expenses.

An accident cover also offers an added layer of financial protection, in case of injuries, which assists pay for expenses that major medical insurance would otherwise not pay.

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Questions to ask before buying boat insurance

A boat is a unique financial asset and as a result, requires a unique insurance solution. Before purchasing a boat insurance policy, it is critical to ask important questions to ensure you are buying the right policy for your situation. If you are a boat owner in the Naples, FL area, call an agent at  Pro America Insurance agency to answer all your questions.

What value of the boat is being covered by the insurance? 

There are two types of values when it comes to boat insurance: agreed value and actual value. Agreed value means you will decide on the value with the insurance carrier before purchasing the policy. Actual value means it will take into consideration the depreciation of the boat resulting in a lower payout value. Because boats depreciate quickly, you should consider a policy with an agreed value payout. 

Does the policy include coverage for emergencies? 

Most policies do not automatically include coverage for assistance if there is an emergency and you need to be towed back to shore. If you would like emergency coverage, you will need to ask your agent to add it to your policy. 

Is my personal property on the boat covered?

Yes, the policy will provide some coverage for your personal property on the boat. However, if you have special equipment such as scuba or snorkeling gear, you will want to make sure you have enough limits, so you are adequately protected. 

What is my coastline coverage limit? 

Often an insurer will limit your insurance to be a certain distance from the US and Canadian coastline. It is imperative to check with your carrier about what your limit is and then be sure to stay within that boundary to ensure you have coverage. 

At Pro America Insurance, we make sure all boaters in the Naples, FL area have superior boating insurance in place. 

The Importance of Life Insurance for Two-Income Families

Two-income families often think that their need for life insurance is mitigated by the fact that both parents are working. This, unfortunately, is not always the case, and it is important for all families to take a close and objective look at their life insurance needs. The team at Pro America Insurance is here to help the families in the greater Naples, FL area find the right policy to meet their unique needs.

Why Life Insurance is Important, Even for Two-Income Families

In the unfortunate event that a parent passes away, the family income can be cut in half or even more. This reduction in income can have an immediate and negative effect on the family if the death benefit is insufficient. The surviving parent will need to continue working even as their children may require more time and attention. It may also become necessary to sell the family home or move the children out of a private school. These realities can be avoided with a life insurance policy that is at the appropriate level to allow the family to continue as before. Financial security is difficult to come by, even when both parents work, and in the event that one parent dies unexpectedly, the financial position of the family can become more precarious. A death benefit that helps to replace the lost income can make the difference between a lot of upheaval in the family’s life and a way to maintain their current standard of living.

Interested in learning more about the importance of an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage? Contact the team at Pro America Insurance today to schedule a consultation. We are proud to serve the greater Naples, FL community and would welcome the chance to work with you too!