Is My Passenger Protected Under My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Owning a motorcycle carries a lot of responsibility. A passenger on a motorcycle has a lot of responsibility as well. Just as the passenger has to lean with the driver to negotiate turns on a motorcycle, the passenger has to consider the risk that they take along with the driver. 

As you are preparing your motorcycle insurance policy with your qualified motorcycle insurance agent consider the type of passenger you may have on your motorcycle. You may plan to ride your motorcycle as a soloist every time you ride. However, if you ever have a passenger on your bike, the amount of insurance you have to protect them is worth considering – taking into account the age of the rider as well as the health of the rider. We will help you make the best decisions to protect your valuable asset.

We understand that the monetary value of your bike must be protected. The viability of the driver, as well as the passenger, must be protected. Additionally, the liability that may be incurred in an accident where you are at fault must be a consideration in underwriting your policy as well. At Pro America insurance we will help you with all of these factors and draw a comprehensive unique policy to protect you and your individual needs.

Come into Pro America insurance in Naples, FL at your earliest convenience. You can ask questions about coverage levels for yourself and your passengers. Our address is in Naples, FL 34109. It is always better to know what your coverage is before you hit the open road.  Protecting yourself and any potential passenger is of the upmost concern for you and it is our job to alleviate your concern and convert it to enjoyment under the right protection.